Funds needed

June 15, 2016
Pigeon Recovery continues to do a marvellous job on very tiny funds and are always in need of donations.

They are currently receiving lots of non pigeon baby birds - blue tits, robin, blackbirds, starlings etc as well as squabs ( baby pigeons ).


Art on Ebay

August 31, 2011
We have always enjoyed painting since childhood and now use our art to raise funds for our feathered friends.

Currently our friend Liz ( ) is helping us as we are unable to attend craft fairs and money has become even more of an urgent problem, and so Liz is listing some of our artwork on Ebay.

As pigeons are considered vermin, we are not entitled to any funding / applying for a lottery grant etc, so we rely entirely on donations from other birds lovers.

If you w...
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